God's Own Design - Exclusive Photography Book


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Intriguingly titled "God's Own Design," this book is about two things: 1. Appreciating nature and 2. bathing in wisdom. Primarily a book of stunning, high-resolution photographs of beautiful flowers, plants, landscapes and small creatures, it also includes carefully curated and timeless quotations on Life, Beauty, Love, Happiness, Wisdom and Wonder. As you flip though its glossy pages, you enjoy a beautiful and relaxing journey through Singapore's national parks while also soaking in the wisdom of some of the greatest people like Confucius, Socrates and Emerson. It's a great book for times when you feel like relaxing and connecting with your inner-self. And it's also a perfect gift for anyone whom you want to be relaxed and happy.
God's Own Design (G.O.D.) takes you on a photographic journey of the natural beauty and wonder of the National Parks of Singapore, the 'Garden City' of the world. 

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