Sarees By Occasion

Daily Wear Sarees Online

Our collection of Daily Wear Sarees include lot of designs in Cotton and Printed Sarees. They come in gorgeous colours and look perfect for casual office or home use.

Festive Sarees Online

The special elegance that only comes from Silk. And who doesn't love Silk Sarees? Perfect for those special occasions where you want to display the classic side.

Premium Sarees Online

A lot of Indian designers have displayed their artistry for these Premium Party Sarees. They come in so many options and dazzle on every special occasion.

Less is More! Sarees Under $60

Best Price Saree Online

Sarees By Style

Embellished Sarees Online

Exquisite handwork embellishments that make your Saree even more gorgeous. Top manufacturers and designers from India have made these Sarees.

Printed Sarees Online Singapore

Prints are Classic. And here you will find hundreds of printed sarees in all designs and colours.

Border Work Sarees Online Singapore

A bit of border work and your Saree stands out even more. Our hand-curated selection of Sarees with gorgeous border work.

Half and Half Sarees Online

Half Sarees are all the craze right now. They come with a different pattern on pleats than the rest of the Saree and look gorgeous in all ocaasions.

South Indian Style Sarees Online

South Indian Style Sarees are special for their heavy use of Silk and symbols. They are popular the world over. Look at our gorgeous collection!

Colourful Sarees Online

Modern Sarees use a combination of colours to make them special. We have a hand-curated collection of these Sarees that complete your wardrobe.

Sarees By Fabric

Cotton Sarees Online

The comfort of Cotton Sarees is nicely complemented by their low price and trendy prints. They are perfect for daily, casual and occasional wearers.

Silk Sarees Online Singapore

Silks are Classic. The feel and designs are unmatchable. And here you will find hundreds of silk sarees in all designs and colours.

Georgette Sarees Online Singapore

Perhaps no other fabric carries with itself the ability to deliver Sarees in the entire range. Georgette Sarees are made in plain to heavily worked styles. A lot of our customers, always come back asking for more!

Chiffon Sarees Online Singapore

Light, Breezy and Low Cost - Chiffon Sarees are the perfect daily wear item. Also perfect for the Singapore weather, they come in loads of colours!

Banarasi Silk Sarees Online

A type of Silk Sarees that is famous the world over is Banarasi Silk Sarees. Long famous for its handiwork, Banaras style makes these Saree beautiful and classic!

Net Sarees Online

Net Sarees have become very famous in last few years owing to the long list of celebrities that wear them on special parties. With a nice border, these Sarees are unbeatable.

Biggest Collection Of Bollywood Designer Sarees Online

Bollywood Sarees Replicas Online

Complete the Look!

Saree Blouses Online Singapore

Choose from our ever increasing collection of readymade blouses that match with your Saree. You can also contact us for customised blouse stitching.

Bangles Online Singapore

We carry a huge selection of Bangles with exquisite finishing to glam up your Saree style. Take a look!

Necklaces Saree Online Singapore

A great Saree is made even more beautiful by the right necklace! And our selections come from Bombay's top designers.


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