Salwar Kameez, a traditional outfit that originated in South Asia, is the term used in describing different dress styles. While this Salwar Kameez is worn by both men and women, the style is different according to gender. It is a pair of garments— Salwar is pantaloons and drawers while Kameez is the body shirt. These two make up Salwar Kameez.

Salwars are loose pajamas or baggy trousers which are wide at the top of the legs and narrow on the ankle and Kameez are shirts varying in length. Garments that are cut like Kameez are very popular to many cultures around the world. Kameez is sewn flat and straight like the shape and design of “A” or like a flowing dress but in various styles. Modern styles of Kameez are now more European with set-in sleeves. The neckline’s shape and Kameez’s decoration seen depends on the tailor’s taste and skill. It can have a deep neckline, made from diaphanous fabric or in cap-sleeve styles and sleeveless designs. It came from the Northern India style Punjab.

Anarkali Suit in Singapore

Anarkali suit is a form of Shalwar Kameez worn by women from India and other South Asia countries. It is a frock-style long top with a slim fit bottom. Anarkali is a sophisticated and elegant style which varies in several different embroideries and lengths. There are also floor length styles of Anarkali suit. Anarkali has been brought back to India’s fashion scene. The Salwar for an Anarkali suit is normally slim same with leggings. The suit is fit on the bust part and sorts large pleats that flow around the leg. Anarkali suit’s length is usually from mid-knee to floor length. It is very popular and worn by females mostly situated in Northern India, Pakistan and Middle East.

Anarkali and Salim
Anarkali suits were first known in the ancient time of Mughal, and it got its name from Anarkali, a renowned courtesan of Mughal Empire. Over time, Anarkali suits evolved with floor length and mid-length trends. It eventually became the in demand and desired garment by many and now the top recognized and well reputed Salwar Kameez style. Anarkali suit is famous because its combination of tight fitting churidaar, plus long and flowing kurta really completes the look of any woman in a royal, regal and beautiful way. It best exemplifies the beauty of its origin—Anarkali— known for being the pomegranate blossom having great beauty and complexion. Legends say that Anarkali dazzled everyone especially Prince Salim but their story ended tragically. However, her love and timeless costume was immortalized and that’s the beginning of Anarkali suit’s trend.

And who can forget the legendary depiction of Anarkali by Madhubala.

Weavers of the ancient time were really popular for their production of dresses with the use of special fabric and now sold around the world. In the Mughal Period, women wore this Anarkali suits not only because it is made from lavish fabric clothing but because it has the power to enhance their beauty and charm men. This suit is a display of royal appearance for women which they can wear in any festivity or occasion. This style of dress is sewn and woven with a rich type of embroidery on every piece. Anarkali suit flatters any body type. It gives emphasis on the top which then covers up the hips and waist because of its long pleats. The dresses are now made from satin, silk, net, georgette and pure cotton.

Tips on wearing Anarkali suits

There are available v-neck Anarkali suits that are suitable for medium height women. Short height and medium height women will find these more suitable while tall women can choose from any type of neck designs.

Heavy flare suits tall women who usually have hourglass figure while the short and petite ones should go less flare.

Anarkali Suits Singapore
Knee-length Anarkali suits are not advisable for tall women while the short and petite ones will even look graceful in high heels.

A heavily embellished Anarkali suit can often not need accessories. You can freely go with a pair of long and nice ethnic earrings.

Anarkali dresses’ work type varies that is why this garment is immensely versatile. These outfits with heavy brocade and elaborate neck cuts are best for wedding parties. The good thing about our Anarkali suits is that they have heavy work and yet remain classy making it look more elegant at dinner parties or any formal occasions.

Variety and Trends of Anarkali Suits

Bridal Anarkali Suits
These suits are embroidered with rich combination of sequins, lace, zari and stones. The bride looks gorgeous and elegant in a heavily embellished bridal Anarkali suit.

Anarkali Suits Singapore
Anarkali suits for Parties
Anarkali suits as your party wear will draw attention from the crowd and will make you standout on special occasions. Particularly in Singapore parties where you will mostly see western dresses, give yourself a chance to make heads turn and go wow! See to it that you will pick a vibrant colored rich fabric with a lovely cut Anarkali suit for these special parties.

Anarkali suits made from Cotton

Anarkali suits don’t just offer sophistication but also comfort. So if you need a comfortable dress for summer, choose a cotton Anarkali suit. Its fabric is from crisp cotton that comes in soothing colors and new refreshing designs.

Anarkali suits made from Silk
Anarkali suits made from silk are best for weddings. If you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, you must pick this type of Anarkali suit. The silk material gives it a stunning look and also gives you a dignified aura.

Anarkali Salwar suits had a ravishing return to the fashion world of today. Dating from its historical beauty, its old concept have brought innovative patterns and fresh designs to take ethnicity into a different dimension in fashion. Anarkali suit gave life to a unique combination of trend and tradition and made Salwar suit something that makes women special. These frock-style outfit brings a royal feeling and intensifies femininity in a fashionable way. Fashion trends have never been this revitalized! Anarkali suit brought to life a must-have vintage style fashion statement.

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