Sunny, Yes? Choosing the Right Summer Dress for You

As the hot summer comes your way, you need to make a few choices when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Avoid being a slave to fashion and make a choice that is comfortable for you. Getting what is best for your fashion needs should also be cost effective. You obviously would not want to panic sweat in your fashionable summer wear, just because you spent a lot of money on it. Master the art of choosing the right summer dresses for yourself this season by following a few of these simple tips on what to wear.

Opt for the Natural Fibers

A lot of trendy and fashionable dresses that you would find are made of synthetic fibers and to bear with the unforgiving heat of summer, you need to stock up on fabrics that are natural. It is time to get rid of all your synthetic material dresses and to bring out all your chiffon, bamboo and linen summer dresses to wear during the season for breathability. They are a lot less trouble and do not make the perspiration stains obvious. The fibers absorb sweat better and make it evaporate faster as well. Linen and silk are considered good conductors of heat, so experimenting with cotton is also a good choice during the summer season.

Opt for Halter and Shirt Dresses Casually

A hassle and fuss free attire is needed when you are at a BBQ party or a candlelit roof top dinner. Think about it, the hot BBQ and the smell of coal, would you really want to go give your dress to the dry cleaners to get rid of all the pungent smell stuck in your dress? You definitely would not want to deal with all that chaos. Shirt dresses are totally the in thing this season, they are cost effective and considered as one of the great summer dresses. It is a good choice for the hot summer season. Go for all the playful and fun colors instead of those with embellishments and keep your look fun! But if you want it to be different, the look and colors are literally all your own choice. To make your look a bit more casual, pair your dress up with leather sandals.

Opt for Lace during Summer Parties

Attending an outdoor event? Probably your best friend’s wedding or a cocktail party in the evening with your friends? Do not go with what you regularly choose to wear at such events. Your best choice during the summer would be a lace dress and make sure the color is not very dark. Light colored dresses give a cooler look, they are more elegant, and light looks great in literally every color. Choosing a light colored dress might worry you about the sweat stains, however, there is a solution for that as well. You can use sweat guards especially on areas like your armpits.

Opt for Maxi Dresses at the Beach

Summer literally means spending most of your time next to the shores. Well, it is a spot for the lucky few who live next to the coast, while for others it requires a lot of special attention. It is a getaway for most, a way to escape from the hot scorching heat of the summer. There are times when you are not comfortable in wearing your swimsuit or bikini, so in such a situation opt for a summer dress. Maxi dresses would be a perfect choice in such a situation because they are light weight and super breezy. If it is a beach party that you are going to, then wear a very simple slip maxi dress, in a crocheted material. The large pleats and folds on the maxi dresses catch the blows and breeze by giving the perfect cooling system efficiency and withstand the sand and windiness!

Opt for Patterns to prevent sweat stains


Probably there is no one out there in the world who does not hate the sweat stains on clothes during the summer. It is definitely a huge problem during the hot and sweaty days of the summer. The weather is already worth reading about, and a clothing malfunction such as sweat stains makes it even worse. Patterns such as stripes, checks, florals, hide these stains very well and they also look super attractive if you choose to wear them in simple colors. That is one reason why most of the top notch designers make summer dresses full of prints and patterns. But you do not have to buy those because the budget matters and seasonal clothes need to be cost effective. Summer is meant to be enjoyed and not the heat bothering you every now and then. Dress in light colored summer dresses and enhance your mood. These simple tips will make you look like a summer diva!

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