Singapore has always been ahead of its time when it comes to women’s fashion. Over the years, the trends that were followed by women in Singapore were very chic and empowering. To this day, the Singapore fashion trends are turning heads and attracting celebrity designers from all over the world. As 2017 rolls along, let's take a look at the fashion trends in Singapore that are making heads turn.


Fashion in Singapore

The warm and pleasant weather in Singapore plays a great role in the fashion trends people choose to follow. Ruffles are making their way in! May it be dresses, shirts or skirts, ruffles are everywhere. The sophisticated look that they give to an outfit requires no accessories as they do the job pretty well on their own. There are several ways to pull off this ruffle trend. You can pair them with straight pants and plain shoes so that the ruffles are the main focus of your outfit. Or you can pair a feminine ruffled shirt with a masculine jacket to give it an edgy look whereas looking chic at the same time.

Deconstructed Shirts

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Another hot trend that is rising is deconstructed shirts! It is not as intimidating as it sounds. It is actually quite chic and gives that regular, boring button down shirt quite a bit of pizzazz. Almost all working women have a staple shirt collection, but it has been forever since women tried something experimental to make work a bit more exciting. Deconstructed shirts include knots or a wider collar, or could be off the shoulder and you could even pull off two trends at the same time; a deconstructed shirt with ruffles. Well, this is the answer to your wishes to do just that! The best part? You can also customise your shirts at home; there is no need to shell out extra money to look good for the office.

Edgy or sheer Dresses

Fashion Online in Singapore

Spring/Summer is the best time to tryout sheer dresses! They are very chic and work best with the warm, humid weather of Singapore. They give an edgy, sultry look to the outfit while being totally wearable! However, if you feel you will not be comfortable wearing sheer clothes, you can pair them with opaque ones and still look amazing! Adding a sheer element to your outfit adds texture to your look, but in order to make it the centrepiece of your outfit, it is best to avoid extra accessories and adding a feminine touch to the outfit with chiffon details, for example.

Pink is the colour

Pink Tops Online

Pink is in! Most celebrity designers have come up with gorgeous pink dresses, which cannot be missed! Pink is a colour no one can let go of and for all the right reasons. Paler shades of pink look pretty in winters whereas bold pink shades are a form of a fashion statement. For Singaporean climate, the bold pinks are the best way to go and surely cause heads to be turned. This colour looks good in any form of garment whether it be gowns, shirts, and tulle skirts. But if this colour does not call out to you, then you can follow this trend in a number of other ways. You can pair your outfits with pink handbags, or wear sheer pink blouses with a bolder jacket so that you can balance out the sharpness of the colour and make it a subtle touch rather than an integral part of your attire. Remember, everyone looks good in pink!

Off-shoulder dresses

Off Shoulder Tops Singapore

Off the shoulder tops are literally everywhere! They look sexy and feminine, while being very practical for all possible occasions. However, a newer trend has been discovered related to these OTS tops. Well known designers have added an element that completely changes the look of the outfit. Pair it over a blouse and that just adds an extra touch to the overall look. It gives a stylish look and outlines the whole outfit effortlessly. The best way to pull of the off the shoulder top trend is to wear a dark coloured off shoulder crop top and pair it with a bright coloured skirt with casual flats and voila! You have the perfect summer/spring outfit without deviating from any of the season’s current trends that are buzzing around.

Universal White

White Pants Singapore

This trend is perfect for the climate and the current season of Singapore. White, of course. White is a universally flattering colour that enhances the overall look flawlessly. It is the perfect look for the beach as well as a casual long dress for the evening or even a formal look for work. Anyone can pull off this trend without putting in much effort in deciding which styles to go for.

Slip dresses

Slip Dresses Singapore

Yes, slip dresses are a thing! Since the Singaporean climate in extremely warm and humid, it is not the best option to layer clothes. But you cannot go wrong with this trend! There are a lot of ways you can pair a slip dress and give your whole outfit an overall sexy, sultry look without being uncomfortable. You can add a silk slip to a casual white button down, or a sequinned/formal slip over a plain t-shirt, which will totally change the look of your whole outfit. This simple piece of clothing brings together the whole attire so seamlessly, it is inconceivable.

The year is bringing a lot for the fashion savvies, stay tuned for there is much more to come.

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