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1. Acapella Photography --

This awesome complementary integration, a fusion of both styles, has been Joe’s unique and matchless hallmark. So if couples are searching for a unique, unparalleled photography experience, Joe is the one to go to. He enjoys choosing different backdrops and architecture to bring out the charisma of each couple, every background matching the personalities of the couple.

Joe welds together the technical and emotional aspects of photography – his photos are sharp and of lovely composition, whilst possessing the intangible qualities of real emotion, guaranteed to evoke feelings of joy and felicity in any viewer.

What is produced is photos of artistic value but of general beauty as well, assured to please the young, the old, the artistic and the man on the street. His pictures possess a postmodern romantic flavor, classical in its elegance and breathtakingly unique in its graphic stylistic elements as per the website.

2. Natstudios --

They work on the myntra "Today’s moments, tomorrow’s memories."

Everybody deserves to have beautiful photos. They believe in natural expressions, wide-eyed smiles, and the small gestures that go unnoticed. They love shooting in crisp daylight, or under ambient conditions when the mood is right. They love to even travel the distance if needed. Paris, Tokyo, New Zealand, or wherever your dream destination takes you. Their relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to deliver the best you deserve as the website states.

3. Mike Chen Photography  --

He is specialized in Actual Day Wedding Photography and Pre-wedding Photography in Singapore.Nevertheless, nothing will stop me from the overseas assignment to capture great images and moments for you.
With his exceptional talent and dedication to photography, he doesn’t stop at perfection and continuously pushes boundaries thereby achieving greater heights with each experience. His expertise in using light, fully allows him to shoot anytime. Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter to him because he will deliver. You can be sure he will be with you from start to end as no outsourcing is done. As such, you can expect consistent, flawless photographs of your big day.

He doesn't shoot how it looks like at a wedding but he shoots how it feels like instead. Capturing great moments after moments is always his specialty as per his website.

4. John15 Photography --

According to their website, they started John15 Photography in August 2009, on the back of 10 years of photographic Experience. Within 3 months, they were qualified into the Master Photographers Association. The United Kingdom’s only organization for full time, qualified and professional photographers. It is a solid testimony of their technical expertise and artistic quality. 


Their heart-wrenching work. The thought of you not getting the absolute best horrifies them. They take it upon themselves to consistently produce the stunning images you see here. They pour their hearts into your pictures and they cannot bear to do it any other way.


 5. 2 of Us Photography--


At 2 of Us Photography, you can expect natural and journalistic photos. But with every wedding photographer on the block claiming the same style, Cole understands that that isn’t enough to make 2 of Us Photography stand out. So he introduces his own twist. He utilizes different angles to create different effects or points of view and employs his creativity to produce interesting shots by having the bridal entourage do an unusual or fun pose. Another vital element in setting the mood of the photos in color.

Cole tries to keep the colors of his photos as natural and as vibrant as possible but does not limit himself to just that. He is also open to other possibilities of what suits the photos best, so as to convey a message through the photos as per the website.

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