Best ten fashion tips that every gal should know

When it comes to fashion tips, Some are useful, while others … well, not so much. And when it comes down to fashion, everything matters- the right color, the right length, and the most appropriate shoes. Therefore, below are some important tips to be taken care of.

1. Choose right dress for right place

There is much more to our dressing than we might imagine. People make quick judgments about us from the clothes we wear. Our dressing says a great deal about who we are and influences all kinds of impressions. They draw conclusions about our personality from the way we look.
The Dressing is an art obviously, the art of knowing how to carry ourselves during various occasions.Dressing for any occasion is about paying respect to the occasion and the people around you. The occasions dictate how we should dress to suit the mood of the events like casual gatherings or parties etc.

2. The combo of light shades with dark

 Clothing colors are confusing when it comes to selecting clothes. Your clothing colors are the first thing people will notice about you.Clothing colors carry a lot of emotions: each color not only represents a mood, it also changes the mood when paired up with other colors. They tend to form a large part of the first impression they will gather about your personality type.The choice of clothing colors is no doubt an important part of the deal. hence always make a right choice over it.

3. Make good choice among colors

 Each of us has a personal relationship with colors. Different colors give out different wavelengths and frequencies and when these enter the viewer’s eyes, it gives a perception of our personality. The color is a thing that divides an individual from another in the most profound way. colors can speak a lot about a person, their lifestyle, personality, preferences, likes and dislikes and many times the social status.

4.  Carry heels on long attire

There are generally four types of heels, high and low heels, platform heels, wedges, and stilettos. So It is very important that you wear dresses with high heels that compliment the entire look. You wouldn’t go to the gym wearing a 4 or 5 inches heels, would you? It goes without saying that shoes can make or break a dress.This is the reason why we evoke different responses in everyone.

5. Plazos are in trend


Plazos are giving a new way out to new generation nowadays.Palazzo trousers are popular as a summer season style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light also flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather. Palazzo trousers are less frequently seen during the winter months, but they may be found in wool or heavy synthetic fabrics as well.Silk crepe/crape and other natural fiber textiles are popular fabrics for this design.

6. Accessories are the cherry on cake


The most important thing about picking the perfect pieces for any occasion is they should be a reflection of you. If you're not comfortable wearing big earrings, then stick to studs. Go for it! If you're happy in all your accessories, you’ll feel confident never underestimate them- the power of good accessories. Many a plain outfit has been saved by the addition of a belt or piece of a jewellery. I would recommend sticking to one point accessory. For example, if you're wearing a big heavy necklace, keep your earrings small or skip them altogether.

7. Hair styling

Not every hairstyle is meant for all hair lengths and locating what suits which are very crucial to hairdos. However one of the most important parts about any hairdo is that to try it, you’ve got to have healthy hair. As much as your hair nourishes and strengthens itself you can be confident about your hair looking great no matter what hairdo you choose. We can put together some new hairstyles for different lengths of hair and experiment that in enhancing the look.

8. Slight make-up is important

When you’re in a rush in the morning, the last thing you want to think about is doing your hair and makeup. All you need is some time, a light touch and hair and makeup products - all of which can be found in your own home or purchased at a specialty makeup store.Thankfully, daytime hair and makeup skew much more casual than night time hair and makeup, so you’ll be able to get your face and hair ready and be out the door in no time. The whole point of casual daytime hair and makeup is that it’s simple and quick to apply than hair and makeup intended for an evening. Avoid dramatic makeup trends, like false eyelashes or contouring.

9. Wear smooth eyeglasses

Finding perfect pair of eyeglasses is never easy, in fact it is very confusing, because of unlimited colors and styles available in them. But, with evolving trends in the eyewear industry and many innovative designs launching in sunglasses, glasses frames are not behind. And, therefore,the word ‘eyeglasses’ sounds like a pair of boring prescription glasses, but now many fashion conscious women around the globe are now becoming aware of fresh and stylish designs in glasses for women.

10. Use of handbags

For us, handbags are most attractive and stylish accessory we can carry through out and also it can be mixed and matched with other items to suit a wide range of occasions. For brands, handbags offer various attractive designs and styles to go with. But carrying a simple clutch with sarees or a sling with jeans would work.



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