Singapore is one of the most impressive locations you can visit all over the year, but one of the most impressive things is definitely the high amount of traditional festivals happening here. Singapore’s festivals are widely known as bringing in front a sense of tradition, great beliefs, value and everything that you might expect from such a location. There are three primary ethnic groups in Singapore, mainly the malay, indian and Chinese.

The Chinese new year

This is one of the most popular and hyped festivals in Singapore because people are coming here to celebrate it with stunning decorations, the shopping malls are filled with trinkets and even the streets are filled with vendors that try to do whatever it takes in order to sell items related to this even. The Chinese new year is very popular because of the decorations, music and the stunning atmosphere that you can find in Chinatown

River Hong Bao festival

This is yet another important day in the Chinese calendar, and it’s a festival hold for around 17 days, which is comprised out of a variety of parades, numerous venues that are decorated with mystical creatures and so on. At the same time, you can find a multitude of vendors selling souvenirs, handicrafts and all the cool stuff you might expect, which is nice to say the least. Then, you have the display of lights which is an amazing thing on its own! [Photo credit:]

Chingay Parade

Even if it started off as a traditional parade celebrated each year, Chingay Parade is now an international event that manages to showcase the performance of Taiwanese acrobats, magicians, dancers and so on. The parade also include pion dances as well as cultural shows, which makes it a complete, beautiful event which you can attend.

Chinese Festival of Arts – Huayi

This particular festival focuses more on taking talents from diverse backgrounds and showcasing them. It’s a great showcase of the local culture, the unique appeal of the local art and just a great, culture-themed festival to check out.

Hungry Ghost Festival

This is a very scary festival because it implies that at this particular time ghosts will roam the cities, and you will find most businesses, even the stock market for example, closed and inactive, which is quite interesting to say the least. There are also numerous rituals that make the festival creepy, yet fun to attend.


MoonFest is basically a mix of performances that include opera productions, music, traditional puppetry, as well as free workshops and many others.

Hari Raya Puasa

Hari Raya Puasa is mostly dedicated to muslims and their involvement into the day to day activities. It’s a silent festival so to speak, and it’s mostly showing the multicultural appeal of Singapore. [Photo credit:]


Little India is literally one of the most colourful areas of Singapore. With Deepavali (or Diwali) just around the corner, the place is more vibrant than ever, decked out in the full colours of this major Hindu festival.

As you can see, there are many traditional festivals in Singapore, and these clearly manage to showcase the uniqueness and beauty of the local culture in a way unlike never before. We recommend you to check these all out if you visit Singapore, as you will be quite impressed with them for sure!



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Emma Lim

Emma Lim

MoonFest also know as Mid-Autumn Festival in singaore.

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