Dressing for a party is not an easy task, especially not with the changing fashion trends! With this pace, new trends keep on emerging and old ones are forgotten easily, so it’s important to keep up to date. As always, some major trends can be detected by looking at this season’s fashion shows: read on to find out what’s in!


Embroidery is surely coming back in 2015, as these dresses have been spotted on everything from dresses to accessories and shoes, but most of all on dresses: classic patterns have been used by many designers, both in their canonical form and in updated versions.

However, some people think that printed and patterned dresses are too ethnic to fit elegant outfits and contexts. Good news: this isn’t true at all. The dress pictured above is a fantastic example of a simple and elegant dress, as you don’t need the pattern to be overall: a simple houndstooth detailing is enough to give a twist to your classic evening dress, making it versatile and original.


An everlasting symbol of passion, red is headed to be one of the most used colors in fashion this year. Even though a little red dress is enough, if you’re afraid you can get bored by it you can go for a more decorated one. A greatly shaped midi-dress with some black pattern details, as the one in the picture, are definitely one of the most stylish options for your outfits. If you don’t already own one, make some space for a red dress in your wardrobe!


Even though the little red dress is one of the most iconic fashion staples, the long red dress isn’t to be neglected.

Dresses such as this are the perfect alternative to the more classic ones you use to wear in elegant and formal contexts. A lightweight fabric as this one is perfect for a more natural effect, which will guarantee you both confidence and charm.


Ethnic shapes and prints are a wonderful twist for your more relaxed outfits, as they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Whether you’re going to a beach party or a casual one, a dress like the one above will give you a fresh and effortlessly charming look.

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