The Singapore fashion is always known for being exquisite and always up to speed with the modern times. This is why it’s very important to know what we are going to wear this year, and because of that we are listing the newest fashion trends in Singapore.

The first major trend, in both casual and party wear is the inclusion of denim. In the past few years Denim has managed to stand out through its uniqueness and diversity, and this year it’s one of the major trends. Because of the grand appeal, and its stunning combination with a variety of other materials and clothing items, wearing denim is a wonderful thing you can do right now, not to mention that the 70s and 80s appeal provided by this material is very fashionable in Singapore right now.

Pop art is another trend right now. Women are always looking for something to express their feelings and ideas, but with the help of pop art they can do exactly such a thing, without any problem. It’s nice and exciting to see how good pop art is, because each clothing item is unique and the art style can easily define you. Although pop art wasn’t a headliner in the Singapore fashion for more than a decade, right now the fashion trends came back and you can easily wear pop art related clothing while also being fashionable. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, the pop art is amazing and very customizable.

Sports luxe is another major trend right now. What this means is that the Singapore fashion also focuses on sports inspired luxury cuts that look stunning. From cute sneakers to short shorts and some very comfortable shoes, the main idea is women in Singapore can integrate the sports inspiration in order to wear something cute, fashionable and surely stunning. This, of course, is in line with Singapore government’s Vision 2030 – a 20 year roadmap to ensure a healthier lifestyle for Singaporeans.

It seems that the trend also seems to include collar pullovers that have recently become a great hit in Singapore and a few other Asian States. At the same time, these pullovers are combined with a large knit cardigan. This is something that many women in Singapore wear during the evenings or nights. During the day, the fashion trends seem to favor the prints that are very colorful and quite interesting.

Lastly, dresses also seem to be in fashion, specifically the casual dresses that are quite colorful. This wasn’t a trend up until this year, but adding a little more color to the casual dresses allows women to express themselves in a much better way, and the results are surely one of a kind to say the least.

All in all, these are the most important fashion trends you can see this year in Singapore when it comes to women’s fashion. It’s important to note that these are some astounding trends and, if you do want to be fashionable right now in Singapore, you should definitely follow them!

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